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A financial technology company had a unique product developed that allowed its customers to do forecasting of container storage.  With a robust product, the company was facing a challenge from its competitors in terms of pricing.  In order to stay competitive, the company decided to change the model from the conventional per machine license to ‘pay as you use’ model.  However, the transition had to be a smooth one without affecting the existing customers

A robust cloud architecture that leveraged the features of the cloud efficiently.  The correct cloud architecture meant the company got true benefits of cloud computing and enabled them to smoothly adopt the software as a service model.  The solution built on Microsoft Windows Azure enabled the team to set up a robust infrastructure and platform for further development of the product for the company

The Results

Case Studies

The Challenge

The Solution

  • Brought down infrastructure costs by 45%

  • Enabled the increase in revenues by 35%

  • Provided a platform wherein generic APIs were built.  This enabled easy integration of the product with other systems

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