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An Internationally acclaimed auto financial services company having a strong IT team was facing a peculiar problem.  Being IT and technology savvy, the company was facing a peculiar problem that derived from the ‘first mover disadvantage’; these included:

  • Multiple systems developed in different technologies

  • Support and maintenance issue a challenge

  • Licensing costs were increasing

  • Difficult to get one consolidated report for the business

The team analyzed the different systems (18 to be precise) and understood the complete end-to-end business process.  A team of experts came up with a scalable architecture called HIVE, which enabled different systems to be integrated into one platform.

The team not only developed the systems but also executed the migration process from the legacy systems to one integrated system smoothly within the shortest period of time

The Results

Case Studies

The Challenge

The Solution

  •  Allowed users to sign into one system and have common view across departments

  • Reduced to a fifth the licensing costs.  There were 18 systems and each system had around 20 licenses.  This was brought down to one license for each system and the user was accessing the HIVE system

  • The solution was awarded as the most innovative project by the parent company that also featured as one of the major initiatives in their financial reports 

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