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A leading international non-profit with offices across the world was following an excel based approach for fund tracking and activity management.  Because of diverse operations and different time zones, the non-profit company was finding it extremely difficult to keep track of the funds.  As a result of which donors were not getting clarity on the usage of funds.  The non-profit company also evaluated a number of off the shelf ERP products but because the process was unique – these ERP products required considerable customization

We devised a Web-Based Tool which could be accessed from anywhere.

The e-tool facilitates the automation of the internal processes of the offices of the non-profit company with respect to the work plan and program, managing information about donors and fund sources, annual planning, funds allocation among all the offices and their utilization, expenditure, and reporting. 

The Results

Case Studies

The Challenge

The Solution

The e-tool has been adopted at the regional offices across the globe leading to standardization of documents, streamlining of processes, easier budgeting and cost planning for the year, simple and transparent allocations to all offices from the headquarters.

  • Complete end to end solution

  • Quicker deployment

  • Tailor-made solution for the process

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