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A leading brand management company having expertize in providing branding solutions to Pharma companies was evaluating ways wherein they could engage with the users of different brands of medicine through mobility. With a strict code of conduct, the Pharma company wanted a solution that would ensure that the mobile app users which were both the doctors and the patients find value from the mobile app

Development of app framework which allowed:

  • Providing basic information on the medicine 

  • Set reminders for taking medicine

  • Guidelines for the symptoms and disease

  • Feedback system for the patients

The framework also addressed the needs of  healthcare professionals:

  • Analyze the notes of the patient for follow up visit

  • Notification messages to HCPs

  • Set up a calendar for healthcare related events

The Results

  • The brand management team of Pharma company was able to stay connected with healthcare professionals

  • Information about medications was easily provided to the users

  • Framework architecture allows brand manager to rapidly develop apps for different product lines

Case Studies

The Challenge

The Solution

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